Two more Great acts to see

Mirror Image Aerobatic Team

The teams fast pasted, one of a kind, high energy, formation
aerobatic routine brings a new level of excitement to every
air show. The precision 'solo' aerobatic performance includes
heart-stopping, gyroscopic and unlimited category maneuvers.

Mirror Image's highly experienced pilots bring fresh skills,
creativity and action to every air show audience. We provide
the finest action-per-second performance available with all
the noise, smoke and excitement spectators expect to hear and
see. Out with the Old! In with Mirror Image aerobatic show!

Bob Carltons Salto Glider

Bob has logged over fifteen hundred hours
in various soaring aircraft and has flown from
hundreds of sites in the U.S. and Mexico. Bob
is from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Salto glider was built in small numbers in
Germany. The aircraft is constructed of
fiberglass throughout, with a very low empty
weight of only 400 pounds and a maximum
speed of 175 M.P.H.

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